Benefit Bake Sale for Robert and Jeanette Bright (Location Change)

May 1, 2019 - A benefit bake sale is set for Friday, May 3rd for Robert and Jeanette Bright to help with medical expenses. Due to weather, it will be held at Raymond Motor Company on San Augustine St in Center from 9am - 1pm.

Robert shares ~

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I got to where I couldn't breathe. Jeanette rushed me to Nacogdoches ER. My lungs were filling up with fluid because my kidneys were not getting enough oxygen to work correctly. I had 90% blockage in 3 arteries and 100% in one. Me being diabetic I needed to be in a trauma center so my heart doctor sent me to a heart surgeon at Longview Regional that he knew. They transferred me that Sunday and I had open heart surgery. Stayed a week. My 2 day stay in Nacogdoches was 92,000 dollars. My stay in Longview was 450,000 dollars. I know hospitals adjust cost to insurance companies, but my insurance has a large copay we have to pay. Now several weeks ago I couldn't breathe again. Back at ER in Nacogdoches. I was in Afib. Stayed a week. Haven't gotten that bill yet. I am on my 3rd heart doctor now in Shreveport. This doctor is working out good so far. I have to pay a big copay if we use a specialist also. Thank you so much. Words cannot explain how we feel about this help. I am getting better with help from the healer up above.

Please come out and help by buying a baked goodie or making a donation! Thank you so much!

For more info you may call Regina at 936-591-1822.