Bush Signs with Galveston College

Kaylie Bush is pictured above with family and coaches on signing day in the Timpson ISD Library.

January 16, 2015 - Timpson Bear Kaylie Bush signed with Galveston College in the Timpson Library on Friday, January 16, 2015 with a large number of supporters on hand including family, friends and schoolmates.

During the ceremony, Bush was surrounded by supporters who posed with her for photographs. Welcoming Bush to the college was Lindsay Fallen, Galveston College Whitecaps Assistant Softball Coach, "She is a really great hitter and she plays shortstop and third [base] and catches a little bit too, but we're really excited about her being in the lineup as a hitter and producing runs, so that's really exciting," said Fallen.

Fallen then continued by explaining why they look forward to having Bush on their team, "We saw [the Bears] actually in the Longview tournament here last year and her hitting and it just really stands out and that's what coach is looking for, a power hitter and he saw it and was really excited and they talked and now we're here."

Coach Jerrod Campbell, who has coached her for three years, is excited for Bush and isn't surprised to see her advance, "When you have somebody that likes to play as much as she does, and works at it, then it's not a surprise. She swings a bat as good as anybody and this isn't her last stop in my opinion" said Coach Campbell. "When you're a coach and you have somebody that can play, you always hate to see them finish because if you could keep your all stars behind you'd have a real good team sooner or later."

Bush, who says she has been playing softball for 12 years, is planning to study kinesiology at college. She spoke of her feelings about going to college, "It's a great feeling and it's always been my dream to [sign] and I just felt like I've accomplished something, but I've still got a long ways to go to get there to where I want to be."

College is going to be a new experience for Bush and she realizes it will be a different level of competition as well, "I'm going to be competing with girls that are just like me out there, so I'm going to have to raise my game up a little bit and just try to stand out and do what I can do."