Center Garden Club Display Recognizes National Garden Week

From left: Carole Ann Chance, Garden Club President; Mayor David Chadwick, Janette Wittmann, Lisa Albers, Cherry Jones, and Carolyn Bounds.

June 6, 2023 - Center Garden Club members gathered at Farmers State Bank around a display in the front lobby for National Garden Week, June 4-10, 2023. A proclamation was presented to Mayor David Chadwick who received the proclamation on behalf of the City of Center.

Celebrate National Garden Week in your community!

National Garden Week Proclamation

Whereas, Gardeners have a passion for nurturing the beauty and resources of the earth through the planting of seeds, the care of all plants and the riches of their efforts; and

Whereas, Gardeners seek to add beauty, splendor, fragrance and nutrition to our lives through the growing of herbs, vegetables, foliage, and flowers; and

Whereas, Gardeners work to preserve our country’s traditional spirit of independence and initiative through innovation and hard work; and 

Whereas, Gardeners advocate the importance of all creatures, large and small, that share our world and their roles in a balanced and productive ecology; and 

Whereas, Gardening furnishes a challenging and productive activity for our citizens, for those just learning as well as those having years of experience; and

Whereas, Gardening promotes a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime, helps reduce stress from other areas of our life, teaches that rewards can come from diligent efforts; and 

Whereas, Gardening enables members of Garden Clubs across the nation and the world to make a world of difference in the communities where they reside and work;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that in an effort to acknowledge the importance of Gardening and the numerous contributions of Gardeners, National Garden Clubs, Inc. designates the week of June 4-10, 2023 as National Garden Week.