Center ISD Announces Roughrider Recognition for 1st Nine Weeks

October 29, 2021 - Center ISD announces the following students have been recognized by their teachers for being great examples of what a Roughrider should be!

Congratulations to these students for a job well-done!

Center High School

From left to right: Senior, MaKenna Gipson and Sophomore, Hayden Pate

From left to right: (back row) Freshman, Kevin Arcibar; Junior, Gabriel A. Rebollar; Senior, Ahad Quadri; (front row) Sophomore, Karen Cordoba; Junior, Christasha Mosby

Freshman, Scarleth Rosales Zelaya


MaKenna Gipson - MaKenna is a great leader and role model. She loves to be a service to others and shows the true characteristics of what it takes to be a Lady Roughrider.

Ahad Quadri - Ahad is a student who seems to have a wonderful balance in his life. His academics are excellent, and his persona is always one of peace and enjoyment. Although I never see him rushing down the hallways, his pace is always "speed with purpose.” It's a joy both having him in class and seeing him around the campus.


Christasha Mosby - Christasha Mosby is a hard worker. She is a quiet and polite young lady that listens the first time and completes her work. She is a model student

Gabriel A. Rebollar - He does great work in the shop and is very self-sufficient. I know any project I put him on that he will pay attention to detail. I like giving him problems to solve and watching him figure it out on his own. Very intelligent young man and very respectful.


Karen Cordoba - She always has a smile and a kind word to teachers and peers. She strives to do her best in class and encourages others to do the same. She is involved in extracurricular activities but never lets this affect her studies; knowing how to navigate that all important balancing act.

Hayden Pate - Hayden has made great improvements from being a lone fish as a freshman to a learned sophomore. He tries hard on his assignments and has put forth so much more effort that shows his potential. He speaks up for himself and knows when to ask for help; although, he is needing less and less assistance the more he applies himself. He sets a good example for the lowerclassmen he has in a couple of his classes.


Scarleth Rosales Zelaya - Scarleth is a wonderful student. Academically, she always completes her assignments thoroughly with max effort. If she is absent, she consistently will approach me and ask for what she has missed. Apart from her grades, Scarleth is just a joy to have around. She has a bubbly personality and her presence seems to brighten the room.

Kevin Arcibar - Kevin keeps to himself in class which allows him to complete his work in a timely manner. He is respectful to teachers. He tries hard and wants to do his best.

Center Middle School

8th Grade

Eliezer Leon - He is always respectful to the teacher and his peers. He participates in class, helps his peers, and always has his work finished on time.

Lillian Chisenhall - She is such a sweet girl, always on task, sometimes even working ahead a little. She is always respectful to the teacher and her peers and helps when needed.

Marvin Hernandez - Marvin is a wonderful student to have in class. He is always polite and ready to lend a hand and always completes his work on time. He is studious about his work and tries to do his best on any and all assignments.

Jasie LeBlanc - Jasie works hard at anything she does. She is a wonderful addition to any class and really strives for her best. She is always polite and ready to lend a hand with anything needed. She is really a joy to have in class and be around and always has a positive and upbeat attitude.

7th Grade

Guadalupe Bustos-Chavez - He comes into class and always does his work without complaining, pays attention to every detail, and stays on top of his lessons for my class. He is super respectful and is a model student! I feel so blessed to have Guadalupe in my class this year!

Seth Ramirez - Seth exemplifies "Purple Up" because he never gives up and always does his best in all of his work. Even when he discovers his mistake he does not give up...he chooses a new route to explore and corrects his mistakes while learning along the way. He comes to class every day ready to learn and always eager to please.

Arely Arcibar - Arely comes into my class every morning with a smile and always does what is expected of her without even having to be told. She is super sweet and nice to her classmates. Arely always does her best on her work and always has a positive attitude. I feel so blessed to have Arely in my class this year!

Allison Ramirez - Allison is a student that never gives up. She sets high standards for herself in my class and works hard to achieve them. She might fall short but she never gives up... she makes a new goal and forges forward. She holds her head high and knows with each mistake she is learning how to succeed.

6th Grade

Oswaldo Reyes - Oswaldo always has a pleasant smile and is very polite. He always does what is asked of him to the best of his ability with a big smile.

Princy Patel - Princy is an exceptional young lady. Very kind and pleasant to be around. In addition, I've never known a student to love reading so much. She has read at least 23 books since the beginning of the school year.

Zach Payne - The special thing about Zach is that he genuinely cares about a job well-done. He gives 100% on every classroom assignment and test, which is always greatly appreciated by his teachers. He also has a very joyful spirit, which contributes to the positive learning environment in the classroom.

Kaydence Hines - Kaydence is what I refer to as a "model student." She is respectful, intelligent, and always ready to be involved in classroom activities. Her willingness to engage in classroom discussions and lessons is what truly makes her stand out.

Center Elementary School

Camden White

From left to right: (back row) Xitlaly Aguila, Sixto Hernandez Palafox, Kason Radney, Madalyn Bryant, (front row) Meylani Martinez, America Lopez, Richey Ken, Kingston Hurst and Francisco Landin

Beckett Meeks

5th Grade

Kingston Hurst - Kingston is an amazing student to have in class! He is well behaved, hardworking, and determined. He is always willing to work with others and help out when needed. He is a joy to have in class, and his teachers all agree that he has a very bright future ahead of him!

Sixto Hernandez Palafox - Sixto Hernandez was chosen because he always displays the qualities of an amazing student by working hard, being respectful and always making the best choices.

Kason Radney - Team Integrity chooses Kason for Roughrider Recognition. Kason is an upstanding student that holds all the characteristics that a Roughrider should possess. He is respectful, hardworking and always willing to help!

4th Grade

Richey Ken - Richey comes into class each day ready to work and is always prepared for class. He works hard and is always the first to offer help to anyone who needs it in class.

Francisco Landin - Our team chose Francisco Landin for Rider Recognition. Francisco is a true example of "Team Strength". He is a very strong learner and tries hard on everything he is given. The world needs more students like Francisco.

Madalyn Bryant - Madalyn is a sweet, hardworking student that goes above what is expected and asked of her. She is such a joy to have in class and we look forward to her great accomplishments this year!

3rd Grade

Meylani Martinez - Meylani is a polite, respectful, and kind friend. She works hard and is always happy!!

America Lopez - America was chosen because she exceeds expectations in the classroom. America has a sweet spirit and is kind to all our classmates.

Xitlaly Aguila - Xitlaly is a focused and hard-working student; I can always count on her to stay on task and give her best. Perhaps even more importantly, Xitlaly is joyful, kind, and eager to serve others. She is going to do great things.

Beckett Meeks - Beckett is a joy to teach. He is always eager to learn new things and is a friend to all. He will help out any way he can and strives to be better in everything he does.

Camden White - Camden is always doing the right thing and works hard on all of his work. Camden is very helpful and a joy to have in class everyday.

F. L. Moffett Primary School

2nd Grade and Lifeskills

Daniel Gonzalez - Daniel is a caring young man that works really hard to do well in class. He is a great example to others on how to be a Rider.

Ava Lane - She is a creative spirit that goes above and beyond on her assignments. She is a caring friend and open to help anyone.

Cruz Bell - Cruz works extremely hard at all that he does. He is a leader and likes to make sure that no one is left out. He is always the first person to jump up and help out. He is a true example of a RoughRider and I love having him in my class this year!

Izabelle Wright - Izzy always works to make sure she does exactly what is asked of her. She works hard and always gives her best. She loves to help others and make sure that no one is left out. I love having her in my class this year! She is a great RoughRider!

Alessandro Gonzalez - Alessandro is a leader and friend to all. He is eager to learn and always willing to help.

Arely Hernandez - Arely sets a bright, shining example of a model student. She is responsible and shows initiative each day.

Govanne Lara - Govanne is always willing to help the teacher as well as his classmates. He is so smart and loves to write long stories.

Emma Rhodes - Emma always tries her hardest. She is willing to learn something new each day.

Jaxon Ragan - Jaxon was chosen for Rider Recognition because he always follows the classroom rules. He listens to the teacher, and participates in classroom activities. He is a joy to have in class, and a wonderful example of a Roughrider!

Joseph Garza-Arcibar - Joseph is a very smart boy that is always willing to help and support everyone that needs him. He is also very participative and tries his best to get good grades. I am very proud of having Joseph in my classroom.

Ximena Valencia-Bautista - Ximena is a bright and sweet young lady. She always has a smile and the will of collaborating with her teacher and classmates. She always tries her best in her work. I am very happy to have Ximena in my classroom.

Korbyn Mikesh - Korbyn always is working hard to be a reader leader and math leader!. He helps students make the best choice and always has a smile on his face.

Kami McSwain - Kami is a behavior leader! She is always ready to start the day with a smile on her face, a bucket filler for her team, and a word of encouragement for everyone around her! Kami is a great friend to everyone, and encourages everyone to be their best self!

Dylan Aguirre-Reinoso - Dylan is such a precious little boy. He is a hard worker, follows the rules, and is a great role model for other students. He is a blessing to have in class.

Mia Munoz - Mia is an all around great student. She works hard, follows the rules and is always willing to help out. She is a great role model for other students and is a blessing to have in my class.

Clint Swearingen - Clint is always doing what is asked with a smile on his face. He is a sweet and helpful friend to all of those around him, and always tries his best. He is a true joy to have in my class this year.

Aliya Shee - Aliya is always smiling and giving the best hugs. She is a great helper to me in the classroom, and is always going above and beyond what is asked of her. She is so smart and works hard all day every day.

Alex Trejo - Alex is very helpful in the class. He does his best all the time. He is a model student to have in the class.

Leslie Diaz - Leslie is a hard worker. She makes the right choice when others do not. She is a very sweet girl to have in my class.

1st Grade

Ryder Magana - Ryder is such a sweet and quiet friend. He works hard on all his tasks and is a very good friend to all. We are so lucky to have a great friend like Ryder in our classroom.

Sadie Belrose - Sadie is one of the sweetest friends. She makes sure to include everyone, whether it is on the playground or inside the classroom when working in groups. She is a great help and asset to our class!

Sloane Meeks - Sloane always comes prepared, ready to learn, and sets the example for others during instructional time. Sloane is always the first one to volunteer to help another friend and has such great manners!

Ny'Kevia Dove - Ny'kevia always has a big smile, the best giggles, and loves all of her friends so well!

Bradley Lagunas - Bradley is a great friend and role model for his peers. He always follows directions and does his best work.

Alicia Martinez - Alicia is such a sweet student and friend. She does what is asked and more. She is an excellent student!

Klayton Arcibar - Klayton always follows CHAMPS expectations and is a great example to everyone else. He is a hard worker and completes all of his work. He exemplifies what it means to be a Roughrider.

Rebecca Rosierain - Rebecca always follows CHAMPS expectations and sets a great example for others to follow. She
is a great friend to all and willing to help anyone in need. She is a terrific Roughrider.

Fredrick Baugh - I am super proud of Fredrick (Branden). He is always respectful and kind to others. He is always doing the right thing even when no one is watching. He is an awesome reader. I enjoy listening to him read. Branden, I am so blessed to have you in my class. You are amazing and you are going to do great things in the future.

Kimber Thornburgh - Kimber, it is such a joy having you in my class. Your bubbly personality is just contagious. You are kind and helpful to everyone. Thank you for always doing your best and your willingness to try different things. Keep being the amazing student that you are. Your future is looking brighter each day.

Cutter Richey - Cutter is pleasant in the classroom and is always participating. He enjoys sharing new ideas and goes above and beyond to do his best in all subjects.

Charlee Wilkinson - Charlee loves to read, and she shares her love of learning in the classroom. She is also a helping hand when her friends get stuck on a question and is ready to help them out.

Camden Phillips - Camden is always ready to learn and follows directions. He brings such a positive energy to our classroom.

Evalina Hernandez - Evalina is such a hard worker. Every morning she gets unpacked and gets started right away on her DOL. She always does her best!

Ja'Kobe Polley - Ja'Kobe is a good helper, he is kind to everyone, follows directions, and is a hard worker. He has had perfect conduct this whole semester. Way to go!!

Vania Espinosa - Vania is always on task, following directions, helping her peers, listening to the teacher, participating, and is kind to everyone.

Jace Kunkel - He tries very hard and is always ready to learn.

Romina Flores - Romina is a big helper. She is always willing to help her other friends. She comes prepared everyday.


Elian Escobedo - Elian is working very hard to make improvement on his school work. He is very polite and follows directions. He is making new friends and have a wonderful disposition.

Dulce Ramirez - Dulce is happy girl who likes to do her work and help her friends when they struggle. She likes to practice her reader at home every night and is eager to read it to the teacher. Dulce is trying to to her very best in the classroom.

Jair Arenas - Jair is always ready to learn, he participates and is kind to all in the classroom.

Emma Barahona - Emma is a very smart and sweet girl. Very quiet and focused on doing the best every time.

Reynado Essa - Reynado always follows his CHAMPS and is a great listener!

Kynnadi Randle - Kynnadi is a super great helper! She loves to help others and is always kind to everyone!

Michael Valdez - Michael always comes to school with a smile and is eager to learn. He is a great problem solver and loves to help others in the classroom. He has an incredible work ethic, perfect Rider Stride, and gives his best each and every day.

McKenzie Arcibar - McKenzie is such a kind and helpful friend to others. She is responsible and does an incredible job of modeling for others exactly what to do in and out of the classroom. She's so humble but someone others look up to. She works hard, asks questions, and is super creative!

Justin Hutto - Justin was chosen for Rider Recognition because he tries his best and stays on task. He volunteers thought provoking questions and answers during our discussions and you can almost always catch him showing you what a Rider should look like.

Lakelee Jousan - Lakelee was chosen for Rider Recognition because she exudes Rider Spirit! She is always caught doing her best at school and being an excellent example to others. She cares for her friends and is helpful to anyone in need.

Knox Miller - Knox is always positive and always likes to help other students. He is a great reader and a great student. Knox always sets a great example for others!

A'Tracelyn Evans - A'Tracelyn helps everyone. She is always kind and compassionate. Her energy lights up the room!

Zachary Smith - Zachary is always ready to learn new things. He is a great help in reminding others of the rules.

Everly Neuwirth - Everly is always doing her best. She is a great help to our new friends and sets the perfect example of a kindergartner.

Pre-K 4

Keegan Hightower - Keegan is always willing to help his classmates. He comes to school with a big smile and positive attitude.

Khloe Walter - Khloe is a great classroom helper. She loves making her friends laugh when they are having a bad day.

Jonathan Sanders - Jonathan is such a sweet and caring friend. He is also a wonderful listener! I can always count on Jonathan to answer all my questions on the rug. A joy to have in class!!!

Nevaeh Johnson - Nevaeh is a very sweet and quiet friend. I can count on her to be following the rules of our classroom. She loves to play in learning centers and participate in reading groups.

Benjamin Torres - I chose Benjamin Torres because he is always ready to work and learn. I can definitely depend on him. Benjamin is a great student and a great friend.

Keily Arcibar - I chose Keily Arcibar because she has shown a great improvement in all aspects. Keily always have a big smile in her face. I love having her in my class.

Braelin Escobedo - Braelin always comes in with a smile and positive attitude. He is eager to learn and enjoys helping friends when possible.

LaNiece McCollister - LaNiece always comes eager and ready to learn. Great manners, a positive attitude and always has a smile.

Weston Sanders - Weston is a great student that listens and completes his work. He has good manners and always has a smile. He is a joy to have in class.

Chloe Lee - Chloe is a joy to have in class and is a good listener. She loves to draw and listen to books being read. She is a joy to have in class.

Maximiliano Alvarez - Maximiliano is coming every day with the best attitude to learn, share his ideas and interact with friends. He's a hard worker and loves stories read aloud.

Rubi Rodriguez - Rubi is not only smart, but friendly and always willing to help her teachers and classmates.

Pre-K 3 and ECSE

Rodolfo Romero - Rodolfo is always willing to help his friends. He is always on task. Rodolfo’swork is really neat.

Guadalupe Estrada - Guadalupe works pretty hard on her job. She does an amazing and neat job. She’s always willing to help her friends.

Aiden Esparza - Aiden is a very brave boy who has been adapted to the routine really quick. He listens attentively in class.

Azari Tibbs - Azari is a very kind girl who has been very respectful to every one in class. She enjoys doing her assignments in class.

Danny Baugh - Danny always has a great attitude and love of learning. He is a precious student that is kind to everyone. He is a joy to have in class.

Alyssa Solis - Alyssa is a precious student and the sweetest friend to everyone in class. She has amazed me by how fast she is learning! She is a hard worker and a great helper!

Eli Blackshear - Eli is an awesome student! He is such a big helper to both his teachers and classmates. Eli comes to school eager to learn, loves to participate and is a hard worker. He says that recess and snack time are his favorite times of the day.

Ella Belrose - Ella is a joy to have in class. She loves learning, helping and playing with her friends. Ella also likes to share stories about her family and says her favorite time of day is when we dance.

Talyn Allen - Talyn is a very sweet and loving little girl.