Center ISD Career, Technical Education Notification of On-campus Requirements

August 7, 2020 - Center ISD has determined certain Career and Technical (CTE) classes require a portion of the course be completed on-campus. These courses require specialized equipment, direct supervision of hands-on activities, and/or specific materials and technology. The appropriate amount of on-campus instruction needed to meet the TEKS and award course credit will vary by course.

Students choosing remote/virtual instruction will be required to come on campus to carry out specified assignments and activities that cannot be reasonably completed remotely. This notification ensures students have an option to select courses that can be completed remotely if desired. Families may choose different electives that can be satisfied in a fully remote/virtual setting. Failure to appear on campus to complete on-campus assignments could result in absences that could subject the student to the 90/10 minimum attendance for class credit requirement.

Center ISD CTE courses requiring portions of on-campus instruction include:

Students and parents will work directly with the instructor to schedule on-campus instruction dates and times as well as provide information on assignments and activities requiring completion on campus. Center ISD is committed to providing quality instruction to all students, in-person or remotely. For more information contact Alease Copelin, CTE Coordinator, via email: or by phone: 936-598-1512.

Alease Copelin, CTE Coordination, CTE Counselor, School Counselor