Center ISD Partnering with Kinsa's FLUency School Health Program; Free Thermometer

October 12, 2020 (Program Flyer) - Center ISD is partnering with Kinsa's FLUency School Health Program this year!

Sign up now to receive your free smart thermometer. If you haven't ordered yours yet, now's your chance!

  1. Text FLUENCY to 900900. Open the link to download the free Kinsa app. *Messages and data rates may apply. You can always test STOP to end messages.
  2. Finish signing up with Center ISD school in the Kinsa app to get your free thermometer!

What is Kinsa's Fluency Program?

Kinsa is on a mission to stop the spread of illness! Learn more at FLUency is Kinsa's school health program. For the past five years, FLUency has partnered with sponsors to provide parents free thermometers and a smartphone app to help detect and respond to spreading illnesses. This year, participation in FLUency matters more than ever to keep your school community healthy!

  • Know what's going around your child's school.
  • Receive messages from your school nurse.