Center MS First 9 Weeks' Students Who Make a Difference

November 12, 2018 - Each 9 weeks Center Middle School teachers nominate students that go above and beyond what is expected. These students are honored with a luncheon and will be recognized at the awards ceremony at the end of the school year.

Nominated students must encompass all or most of these qualities: A leader, Always prepared for class, Strives to make good grades, A hard worker, Model student, Kind and considerate of others, Helpful to teachers and peers, Punctual, Strives to be a better student, and Exemplifies the qualities of Give Me Five.

Following are our first nine week's Students Who Make A Difference:

Roberto Diaz - 6th grader

Mrs. Gurley said - “Roberto is a model student. He is always smiling and the first to help out his classmates. Roberto pays attention to the small details of his work and always puts forth his best effort. With students like Roberto, my job is effortless!”

Triniti Bell - 6th grader

Mrs. Hockenberry said - “Triniti Bell is the model CMS student. She has such a positive outlook on life. Everyday she comes to school with a smile on her face and is prepared for class. Triniti not only sets goals for herself, but she achieves them. Triniti is well liked and respected by her classmates. She is encouraging to others and avoids the typical middle school drama. Triniti is the epitome of what the CMS #Givemefive motto is all about. Triniti is an intelligent and hard working student. She is definitely on the path to great success.”

Aung Lay Khaing - 7th grader

Mrs. Ferguson said - “Aung Lay is a pure joy to have in class. He greets everyone with a smile and has a naturally positive attitude. He is always prepared and commonly lead classroom discussions. He is willing to help others and often is heard giving his peer words of encouragement. If you watch him as he goes about his day, you will see that he is a “friend” to everyone. He definitely represents a student with pure character and is a great role model for other students.”

Chloe Rachal - 7th grader

Mrs. Burns said - “Chloe Rachal is a wonderful student. She is always prepared for class and very respectful to teachers. Chloe is a joy to have in class. She is very self motivated and strives to be the best student she can be. She is very oriented about her education. She truly is a student that makes a difference in my classroom. Setting an example for others and always willing to help out any way she can, even if it’s another student of a different teacher. I can’t wait to see what Chloe continues to do in her future endeavors because I am positive it will lead to greatness.”

Lissa Campos - 8th grader

Mr. Small said - “Lissa is easily the epitome of a great student. She is dedicated to being a great student and it is apparent in her work. Lissa works hard to make sure she is on top of her work and is willing to help those around her who may struggle with something that she understands. Anytime she is asked to do something there is never a time in which she doesn’t participate. She easily makes coming to teach a complete joy. Lissa, we are proud of you.”

Tanner Myers - 8th grader

Mrs. Andrews said - “Tanner brings a sweet spirit to CMS. He tries to do his best and his successes mean so much to him. He loves his family and enjoys telling stories about them. Tanner is a friend to everyone at CMS and we are blessed to know him.”