Center MS to Host 6th Grade Orientation Wednesday

August 6, 2019 - Parents and Guardians of incoming 6th grade CMS students:

Center Middle School is inviting all 6th grade students to 6th grade orientation on Wednesday, August 7, beginning at 1PM in the middle school auditorium. We ask parents to join us at 3pm.

Starting at 1pm, staff will welcome students to our campus and provide them with an overview of what middle school is all about. We will discuss various aspects of middle school life as well as some best practices in order to have a successful first year at CMS. Students will also be given their class schedule and have a chance to go to each of their classes to meet their teachers.

At 3pm, students will return to the auditorium and join their parents. At this time, we will address middle school procedures as well as have a question and answer session with campus administrators. We will also provide a dress code presentation so students and parents can see what is permissible and what is not acceptable at the secondary school level.

We hope that this orientation will help make a smoother transition for 6th grade students and parents. Please join us Wednesday, August 7 for our 6th grade orientation.