Center PD Investigating String of Storage Building Burglaries; Are You a Possible Victim?

November 6, 2020 - After multiple reports of storage buildings being burglarized in the City of Center over a period of several months, Center Police Department Street Crimes Detectives were able to develop a suspect vehicle by security camera footage.

A Bolo Report was put out within the Department in an attempt to locate the vehicle. Officer M. Davidson located the vehicle and made an identification of the driver the first night the Bolo was released.

The following morning Detectives traveled to the residence of the suspected person and was able to identify stolen property at the residence. Several Interviews were conducted for the next couple days and multiple suspects were identified and a large amount of property was located.

This investigation has been lengthy and the individuals responsible are in jail on multiple Felony Offenses.

There were approximately seven different individuals arrested in relation to this case and more warrants are pending. The most important thing is that the stolen property has been returned to the owners and there is still property to be returned.

If you were a victim of a burglary of a storage building in the City recently and you did not report it, please contact the Center Police Department. If you have a storage building and you have not checked on your property lately, please do.