Center Recreation/Shelby County Youth Soccer Awarded 50 Women Impact Grant

September 13, 2020 - Shelby County Youth Soccer is the fastest growing sport that the City Recreation Department oversees. The City of Center and SCYS are converting the Old Community Park into a soccer complex to serve youth and their families in Shelby County. The $10,500.00 grant award will provide funds needed to finish the Concession/Bathrooms at the Soccer Complex; the complex will provide a location for the youth soccer league teams to play as well as opportunities to host tournaments. 

With this 12th grant award, the 50 Women Impact group has awarded grants totaling $120,100.00 to Shelby County non-profits. The group is open for members who want to be a part of a group committed to providing support to the non-profit organizations making a positive difference in in Shelby County!

To date, the following organizations have received a 50 Women Impact grant: Shelby County Welfare Board; Texas A & M Agri-Life/Shelby FCS Committee/4-H; Fannie Brown Booth Library; Boo’s Battle Support Fund; Shelby County Outreach Ministries; Jon, Macy & Misty Bush Foundation; Hope Medical Special Fund; Timpson Food for Thought & Thrift Store; Christian Community Services; Timpson Volunteer Ambulance Service; Center Recreation/Shelby County Youth Soccer.