Center Rider Recognition for High School 3rd Nine Weeks

May 8, 2023 - Center ISD announces Rider Recognition for the 3rd 9-Weeks for the High School campus.

Nathan Newton - Nathan advanced to state in UIL news writing as a freshman this year, which is impressive, but what is MORE impressive to me is the dedication he has to practicing his craft and improving with each new essay. He put in a lot of work, and it definitely paid off! (Brookshire)

Emily Leach - I nominate Emily for her consistency. Every day, every week, every month...Emily works hard, is friendly to all, and makes high school her own. When she leaves my classroom, I feel like I am appreciated as a teacher. She is absolutely precious. (Whiddon)

Gabriel Lamas - Gabriel excels at inquiry based learning and often works beyond the scope of the curriculum. He is a pleasure to have in class and a role model for other students.(K Miller)

Gracie Boyd - Gracie is such a hard working, dedicated student. She always gives her best effort and pushes herself to do her best each day. Her love for Jesus shines through, and she never seems to be having a bad day. I love having her in class! (Low)

Damien Horton - He came in way after half time in terms of rehearsals for OAP to become our Doctor and he learned his lines, ques, and stage business in record time. I picked Damien for his dependable nature and willingness to help his peers, teachers, and school. (Humber)

Rosalyn Wright - Her care and dedication to her craft and friendships are admirable! Everything that she decides to do she gives 100 percent of her time and manages to keep everything flowing beautifully. I picked Rosalyn because to me she is everything a Rider is supposed to be. (Humber)

Timothy Davis - He has a wonderful attitude and work ethic; also, I saw him unsure of himself on stage to someone who volunteers to be in scene work. I picked TJ for overcoming his fear and getting out of his comfort zone! (Humber)

Kaylee Cox - I chose Kaylee because of her high academic and athletic performance. She is the consummate representation of a CHS Lady Roughrider. She has great self discipline, a very hard worker, courteous, and responsible. (F Ford)