Center, Texas School Memories (By Doug Fincher)

August 14, 2017“Love one another with brotherly affection….” Romans 12:10
“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” (C.S. Lewis)

I started to school in September of 1939. Twenty five little 6-year -olds met together and were enrolled in Mrs. Stanley’s First Grade Class. Many of us were “barefooted as yard dogs” but back then going barefoot was only a problem if you were used to wearing shoes. That First Grade Class became an extension to my family for the next twelve years.

I always looked forward to my day to dust the erasers, or lower the shades before the bell rang to go home. While Mary Eldred Jones, Steve Oates and I were at the board one day, I proudly wrote out the word, “VACATION” in large letters.  Mrs. Stanley burst out, “Class, look at what Henry wrote!”  “He can spell “vacation!” I got excited too…so much so that I wet my pants.  As the whole class stared in amazement, Mrs. Stanley quietly said, “Henry, always raise your hand when you need to go to the basement.”

In 1949, I was sitting in Mrs. Stanton Menefee’s 11th grade History Class when Mary Eldred Jones whispered to me, “Henry, do you remember wetting your britches in the First Grade?” Totally surprised and embarrassed, I laughed…. “Yes…. but I spelled ‘VACATION’ too, didn’t I!”

That 1950 Graduation Class turned out to be one of Center High’s most diversified classes. Included in the graduates were M.D.’s, Educators, Engineers, Lawyers, Contractors, a Game Warden, an Opera singer, two pro football players, a NFL Referee, and a Baptist preacher.

A lot of water has run under the bridge since those days and most of our class has crossed the Jordan since our 50th Reunion.

Our next reunion will have no end..