Center UIL Team Competes at Carthage UIL Academic Invitational

October 30, 2017 - Carthage hosted a UIL Academic Invitational on Saturday, October 28th and had 17 schools participate with over 200 competitors.

The following Center students competed and placed at the invitational:

  • Number Sense – Amerison Shrestha won 6th place
  • Mathematics – Amerison Shrestha won 2nd place and Eugene Nunez won 4th place
  • Math Team – (Amerison Shrestha, Eugene Nunez, Scarlett Shires and Joshua Clark) won 1st place overall
  • Calculator – Amerison Shrestha won 6th place
  • News Writing – Celeste Gibson won 2nd place
  • Feature Writing – Celeste Gibson won 2nd place
  • Editorial Writing – Reanna Arndt won 2nd place; Hannah Lawson won 3rd place; and Brianna Dicks won 4th place
  • Headline Writing – Brianna Dicks won 3rd place; Amerison Shrestha won 4th place; and Reanna Arndt won 5th place
  • Journalism Team – won 1st place overall
  • Social Studies – Ben Galindo won 6th place
  • Biology – Scarlett Shires won 3rd place
  • Physics – Joshua Clark won 2nd place and Scarlett Shires won 5th place
  • Overall Science – Joshua Clark won 4th place and Science Team won 3rd place
  • Accounting – Amerison Shrestha won 1st place; Eugene Nunez won 3rd place
  • Accounting Team – (Amerison Shrestha, Eugene Nunez and David Palacios) won 1st place overall.
  • Cross Examination Debate – Mark Perkins was the top speaker for the tournament and was 3-0. The team of Stefany Moreno and Kristen Orsak were 2-1 and in the top 10.
  • Persuasive Speaking – Mark Perkins advanced to finals