Center VFD Prepare New Recruits During Training Meeting

June 17, 2015 - The Center Volunteer Fire Department held a training meeting Tuesday, June 16, 2015 and welcomed their newest members Brandi Gilchrist, Wade Howell, and Carl Birdwell with an obstacle course. The new recruits along with Cory Hagler dressed out in full gear and were led through obstacles with limited visibility to simulate the conditions inside an unknown smoke filled structure.

Two-person teams navigated their way through the room and debris with a mission of locating an unconscious victim and then extricating them as quickly and safely as possible. Navigation rules included lead fireman keeping a hand on a structure wall at all times so as to not get directionally disordiented and the second fireman would search the area while keeping a connection to the lead fireman and not get separated. The pair had to communicate with one another as well as call out to anyone needing help inside the structure.

Veteran firemen also received a refresher course and discussed safety rules to follow while fighting fires and what to do when you have to enter a burning structure. A special guest and speaker for the meeting was Danny Lawrence.

The following photos taken during the training were taken with a flash because the room was dark to simulate the limited visibility firemen face when entering a building filled with smoke.