Chaparrals Attend Dance Camp: Awards, Photos

June 10, 2019 - The Chaparral dance line attended the ADTS Drill Team Camp June 3-5. An officer camp was held on June 6. Many girls received awards, and 14 dancers qualified to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year by earning the All-American or All-American Honorable Mention. 

Bethany Kaluza

Miss High Kick, Bethany Kaluza, qualified to try-out for Miss High Kick Texas. 

The line is working on higher-level dance routines and they are looking forward to a great year!

Silly Seniors

Chaparral Camp 2019 Awards

All American Kick Company
Jocelyn Berry, Emilee Elliott, Stephanie Gonzalez, Bethany Kaluza, Caroline Scull, Shamya Tibbs

All American Honorable Mention
Breanna Castillo, Emily Cervantes, Emilee Elliott, Cristina Hernandez, Kristen Orsak, Shamaya Tibbs, Amiyah Williams

Miss High Kick
Bethany Kaluza

All American
Jocelyn Berry, Cecily Gibson, Stephanie Gonzalez, Bethany Kaluza, Monica Sandiego, Caroline Scull, Sarah Scull

Gussie Nell Davis Dancer of the Week
Cecily Gibson, Stephanie Gonzalez, Monica Sandiego

Spirit of ADTS
Breanna Castillo, Sarah Scull, Amiyah Williams

All American Dance Company
Jocelyn Bery, Cecily Gibson, Caroline Scull, Stephanie Gonzalez

ADTS Pizazz
Mya Gonzalez, Jakievia Johnson, Shamya Tibbs

Outstanding Performer
Cecily Gibson