City of Timpson Council Meeting Agenda, Sept 20th

September 16, 2016 - Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the governing body of the City of Timpson will be held on the 20th day of September, 2016 at 5:30 pm at the City Hall, 456 Jacob Street, Timpson, Texas, at which time the following subjects will be considered, to-wit:

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge: United States Pledge, Texas Pledge
4. Chamber of Commerce: Chamber of Commerce, presented by Paul Smith.
5. Council Items: Reports by the members of the City Council on matters not on the agenda will be made at this time. A total, not to exceed 10 minutes will be devoted to these reports.
6. Presentations & Recognition
7. Citizens Input: This time is provided for members of the public to address the City Council on items that appear within the Consent and Action Items or a matter not listed on the agenda. Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. A Citizens Input Form may be filled out and filed with the City Secretary prior to the meeting.
8. Department Reports:

    A. Public Works Report: Larry Burns
    B. Police Department Report: Kent Graham
    C. Municipal Court Report: For the month of August 2016, there were 104 citations issued, 127 violations, 0 to juveniles and 5 to minors. Total amount reported $7,367.68 the City’s portion a 55% estimate of $4,052.22.
    D. City Secretary: Leslie Leathers reporting the dumpster will be here Oct 1ST. Included in the council packets will be an official ballot for the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool Board of Trustees Election. Those wanting to cast their votes will need to return the ballots before September 23, 2016. Also, the Jet Machine has been paid off at Austin Bank.

9. Consent Agenda: Items included under the Consent Agenda require little or no Deliberation by the Council. Approval of the Consent Agenda authorizes the City Secretary to proceed with the conclusion of each item as reflected in the Minutes of this meeting.

    A. Consider approval of the minutes of the regular meeting held on August 16, 2016
    B. Consider approval of the minutes of the special meeting held on August 22, 2016
    C. Consider approval of Financial Statement for the month of August, 2016
    D. Consider approval of Accounts Payable – Unpaid bills for August, 2016
    E. Consider approval of sending a contribution of $200 to the Deep East Texas Council of Governments Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (DETCOG RSVP)


10. Discuss and possibly take action: Reduction in force of the Police Department for budgetary reasons from 3 officers (1chief and 2 hourly officers) to 2 officers (1 chief and 1 hourly officer). In the motion include the name of the officer terminated effective 10/1/16).
11. Discuss and possibly take action: 2% COLA raises. Cost of living adjustment for employees in the Electric, Water Sewer and General Departments (excluding the Police Department-Item #12). This raise was calculated into the 2016-17 budgets. The last COLA raise was 2% in 2014.
12. Discuss and possibly take action: Approve salary, hourly rate and callout pay for the Police Department.
13. Discuss and possibly take action: Ordinance 20160920-1 adopting the Final Budget for fiscal year 2016-2017.
14. Discuss and possibly take action: Ordinance 20160920-2 adopting Proposed Tax Rate of .340000 per $100 of value. This is an increase of 4.615385 percent for the CITY OF TIMPSON.
15. Discuss and possibly take action: Ordinance 20160920-3 making McLaughlin St one-way from 3:00pm-4:00pm and also making Pecan St one-way from 7:00am-8:30am and 3:00pm-4:30pm. These streets are located near Timpson ISD and are made “one-way” during peak school pick up and drop off times.
16. Discuss and possibly take action: Ordinance 20160920-4 which concerns the Memorial Wall and other monuments located on city property. This ordinance will state that any desecration of memorials that are located on city property will be subject to fines from the Police Department.
17. Discuss and possibly take action: The purchase of a 2009 F750 bucket truck in lieu of the 2003 International which was approved at the August 16th meeting. The 2003 was found to have mechanical issues and two mechanics, used by the city, suggested that the truck be returned. A 2009 F750 was found, also at Bill Jones Equipment, and has been inspected and found to be mechanically sound. This truck is currently being used by the Electric Department and so far, no problems have been detected. The 2009 F750 purchase price is $35,000, therefore the city would owe an additional $10,000 to Bill Jones. Austin Bank CD (2800232162) was fully cashed in for $35,742.72 on 8/26/16 after reaching maturity. This Electric Department CD can be used for the purchase of the truck instead of the Texas State Bank CD 31415.
18. Discuss and possibly take action: Repairs needed on the generator located at City Hall totaling $2,399.95. This can be completed in the 2016-17 budget cycle.
19. Discuss and possibly take action: Installing vents on each of the water wells and filters. Due to the presence of methane gas, venting is needed to control the level of concentration. The only bid received was from Russell Drilling for $6592. This venting needs to be completed in the current budget cycle.
20. Discuss and possibly take action: Purchase a replacement pump for the lift station on 59. To date, one bid has been received from Smith Pump Company for $4,565. This pump will need to be purchased in the current budget cycle.
21. Adjourn.