Clever Creek Baptist Church "Victory in Jesus" Revival

June 21, 2021 (Event Flyer) - “Victory in Jesus” is the theme of the June 27-28 meeting of Clever Creek Baptist Church with Kirbyville Pastor David Neely and a number of musical guest singers.

Preacher David NeelyMany people spend a lifetime filling in the blank, “Happiness is….” Only to find their own personal life seemingly blank and unfulfilled. Happiness for Pastors Jerry Hopkins and David Neely is experiencing and proclaiming “victory in Jesus.” Brother Neely has experienced illness, pain and many difficulties, finding in Jesus certain victory and a joyous, overcoming life.

Music Leader Charles Delaney will lead the music each service. Brother Charles has extensive experience in music, having taught music in Houston public schools and local schools here – San Augustine and Shelbyville. We are privileged and blessed to have his witness and leadership in gospel music.

Pastor Jerry Hopkins celebrated his 27th year with Clever Creek Baptist Church and welcomes you to become part of God’s work at this historic Baptist Church.

This special meeting at Clever Creek Baptist Church will begin with Pastor Hopkins preaching the opening message on Sunday morning, June 27th, on praising God for our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then Sunday night through Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Guest Preacher David Neely will speak to us the message of Jesus’ victory and our victory through Him. We hope that you will set aside Sunday, June 27, through Wednesday night, June 30, 2021, to share in our “Victory in Jesus” meeting at Clever Creek Baptist Church.

  • June 27, Sunday Morning – 10:55am, No Sunday School, Praising God for Jesus Our Savior with Pastor Jerry Hopkins
  • June 27, Sunday Evening – 7pm, Praising God for His Victory in Jesus with guest preacher, David Neely
  • June 28, Monday Evening – 7pm, Praising God for Victory Over the World with guest preacher, David Neely
  • June 29, Tuesday Evening – 7pm, Praising God for Our Faith with guest preacher, David Neely
  • June 30, Wednesday Evening – 7pm, Praising God for One Another with guest preacher, David Neely