CMS Announces 3rd Nine Weeks "Students Who Make a Difference"

April 5, 2019 - Each nine weeks, CMS teachers are asked to nominate exceptional students possessing all or most of these qualities: A leader, always prepared for class, strives to make good grades, a hard worker, model student, kind and considerate of others, helpful to teachers and peers, punctual, strives to be a better student, exemplifies the qualities of #giveme5. Following are the students chosen for the third 9 weeks period as Students Who Make A Difference, along with the teachers nominating them.

Tina Bittick – Andrea Horton 8th grade
Andrea is a kind-hearted, gentle soul. She is like a mother hen who comes around to every class checking on her chicks. She asks how they are doing, what they need, and offers herself to them in any way needed every day. She gives of herself to anyone who is in need. Andrea encompasses what it means to be a student who makes a difference. The world needs more students like Andrea

Jessica Gurley – Caleb Mosely 6th grade
Caleb comes in every day ready to learn. He pays attention to every detail of his work and works hard every day. He is friendly and helpful when he sees someone left out or struggling. Caleb is a sweet, respectful young gentleman. Caleb makes my job as a teacher a pleasure and I am blessed to have the opportunity to be his teacher.

Holly Burns - Brannon Denby 7th grade
Brannon is a very responsible student. He is also extremely smart. He excels in my class. He always does his best on his class work and is willing to help others if they need help. Brannon also is very eager to work on assignments in other areas when he finishes his class work in my class. He does not sit idle. If he is going to miss class he always checks with me on what he is going to be missing and wants to not get behind. These traits are very responsible and admirable.

Grant Murphree – Gracie Boyd – 6th grade
Gracie is a phenomenal student in more ways than one. She is as respectful and dedicated as she is intelligent. She has been blessed with the means to accomplish anything that she sets her mind to. I always refer to Gracie as my “Superstar.” 

Karen Owens – Karen Cordoba – 7th grade
Karen Cordoba is a model student. She has an excellent personality and always greets with a smile. Not only does she do what is expected of her, she also goes above and beyond what is expected. She is always willing to help her peers in any way she can. She puts forth tremendous effort in her reading and writing and it has definitely shown throughout the year. Karen would be a student every teacher dreams of teaching. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to have her in my class this year.

Tabitha Parker – Cameron Saavedra – 8th grade
Cameron is an all-around great student. He tries his best in and out of class. He shows great character and citizenship. In fact, I have witnessed him helping others outside of class just because he saw them needing aid. He is respectful as well.