Commissioners Agree on Inmate Housing Elsewhere; Award Over $20,000 to SCCAC

September 15, 2021 - The Shelby County Commissioners agreed to establish an inter-local agreement with Harrison County for inmate housing during their meeting held September 8, 2021.

County Judge Allison Harbison made attempts on the day previous to the meeting to help clear out the inmates from the jail who didn't need to remain there; however, the capacity is still high.

"The jail is pretty full, I tried to get everybody I could out yesterday," said Judge Harbison. "I think I got all of my standalone misdemeanors out, I think we may have one that was arrested on Monday."

Don Moore, Jail Administrator, commented the total inmates at the time of the meeting was 47 inmates.

The proposed rate being discussed was $40 a day, which Judge Harbison commented was very reasonable.

"It's the only one I've found so far that'll take 'em," said Moore. "Nobody else is taking them because of Covid."

Commissioner Roscoe McSwain asked, regarding possible jail repairs, if it would be difficult to move inmates. Moore stated they would have to move 21 inmates, if they moved them on the day of the meeting, so they could work on one side of the jail or the other.

"Right now we have to exercise Covid protocol, so I have to have a place, that's the problem right now with 47 I have to have a place to quarantine inmates when they come in for 10-14 days," said Moore. "Those that's been exposed and those that have it, try to keep it out of the jail."

Judge Harbison confirmed with Moore, Harrison County is aware of the potential a large number of inmates may need housing from Shelby County during repairs.

Moore remarked Harris County, Polk County and Angelina County are all full, Nacogdoches County is having to house inmates elsewhere and Rusk County has inquired if Shelby County could house any of their inmates, which they can't.

A motion carried by the commissioners to approve an inter-local agreement with Harrison County on housing Shelby County inmates.

The commissioners considered the closure of CR 3774.

Leanne Roberson and Kevin Jones addressed the court as property owners on CR 3774.

"It's a dead end road and they both own all of the property on either side of the road," said Judge Harbison.

A motion carried by the commissioners to close CR 3774 at the state highway.

A motion carried by the commissioners to accept Capital Credits in the amount of $20,246.98.

Discussion then followed when considering how to disperse those funds, and Judge Harbison asked Clint Porterfield, County Auditor, for clarification on how those funds have been disbursed in the past.

"In the past we have basically distributed all of this money to the [Shelby County Children's] Advocacy Center," said Porterfield.

A motion carried by the commissioners to disburse the Capital Credits for FY 2020 in the amount of $20,246.98 to the Shelby County Children's Advocacy Center.

A motion then carried to adjourn the meeting.

Agenda items approved during the meeting include:
1. Pay weekly expenses.
2. Inter-local agreement with Harrison County on housing our inmates, should the need arise.
3. Close all or a portion of CR 3774.
4. Payment of Capital Credits in the amount of $20,246.98.
5. Disperse the Capital Credits for FY 2020.
6. Adjourn.