Commissioners Approve Elementary School Gym Rental

April 13, 2015 - The Shelby County Commissioners approved the rental of the old Center Elementary School Gym to Denetra Slaughter and Celia Aguilar for one year at their recent meeting held on Monday, April 13, 2015. At the previous the meeting the item was tabled as the possibility of closing down the gym to outside parties was discussed. Several citizens took the opportunity to express their opinion during the public comment portion of the Monday meeting. Those who spoke on behalf of keeping the gym open for Zumba classes included Dentra Slaughter, Celia Aguilar and Spence Dance.

Slaughter was the first to address the court and introduced herself as one of the Zumba fitness instructors who use the facility, " There are several people in Shelby County who rely on Zumba fitness as part of an exercise program to increase their overall wellness and health. I've partnered with Jheri-Lynn [McSwain] to help out in the Biggest Loser [program] providing a service for the citizens here in Shelby County."

According to Slaughter there are individuals from San Augustine who travel to participate in the Zumba fitness class. She presented the commissioners with a liability waiver which is meant to release herself and the county from any liability should any medical injury or property loss occur at the gym.

"There really is nowhere else in Center that is large enough for our class and so that is why we desperately need to rent that facility out, so that we can continue to provide that service for the citizens here," said Slaughter.

Celia Aguilar spoke with the commissioners and she shared she is a school teacher and the classes provided at the gym have been sort of a personal project. She said the people that are there are like family and through the community service they offer. Some people that show up are dealing with diabetes, emotional issues or stress. Aguilar shared she would like to continue with the program.

Spence Dance explained to the commissioners his wife has been participating in Zumba classes for five years and loves the program, "Celia and Ms. Slaughter, they don't do this to make money, they just charge $3 per class, per individual just to pay the rent. They're not in this to make a bunch of money, this is not a lifestyle or a career for them, they're just doing it like they say for the community and just to help out the people."

A motion was carried to move forward with the lease at $300 a month with a 60 day termination clause. The lease will go into effect pending Gary Rholes, County Attorney, rewriting the liability clause for the county. Also to make certain there is on-site liability coverage for the county to verify it is in the policy. Rent will be due on the 5th of each month.

Discussion was heard during the meeting from property owners who have land on County Road 4670. The McGuffin family are property owners on the road and are not seeking maintenance on the roadway, they are only asking the county to confirm the county designation for the roadway because they are seeking to sell the property and the title company which has surveyed the property has stated there is not a legal access to the property at this time.

The discussion of the property was tabled until the next meeting so the property owners may have the opportunity to work out the situation amongst themselves.

Resolutions for several bridges TxDOT is seeking to replace were approved by the commissioners. Nancy Smith, TxDOT representative, spoke with the commissioners about these bridges which are on the following county roads: CR 3564 Hilliard Creek; CR 3455 Spinney Creek; CR 3455 Shoat Creek; CR 4256 Tributary of Flat Fork Creek; CR 4916 Flat Fork Creek; and CR 4670 McFaddin Creek. Each of these bridges are projected to possibly have work started on them in September or October 2015 and be finished sometime in 2016.

All of the bridges were approved by the commissioners. Smith informed the commissioners the bridge on FM 415 which was discussed at a previous meeting of the commissioners court will have a detour bridge installed to allow for traffic, instead of completely closing the roadway.

A motion was carried to adjourn the meeting at 10:39am.

Fees collected per office for March:

  1)  Deborah Riley, Tax Assessor/Collector, office: Property Division - $153,376.42; Motor Vehicle Division - $129,095.06 for a total of $282,471.48
  2)  Jennifer Fountain, County Clerk: $55,543.69
  3)  Lori Oliver, District Clerk: $18,323.09
  4)  Maxie Eaves, Justice of the Peace Precinct 1: $13,198.10
  5)  Marla Denby, Justice of the Peace Precinct2: $993.60
  6)  Margie Anderson, Justice of the Peace Precinct 3: $6,624
  7)  Jenny Hicks, Justice of the Peace Precinct 4: $2,025
  8)  Mike Crouch, Justice of the Peace Precinct 5: $3,818
  9)  Zach Warr, Constable Precinct 1: $900
  10)  Jamie Hagler, Constable Precinct 2: $425
  11)  Billy Hearnsberger, Constable Precinct 3: $90
  12)  Bryan Gray, Constable Precinct 4: No collections
  13)  Stanley Burgay, Constable Precinct 5: $90

Grand total: $384,501.96

Agenda items receiving approval include:

  1)  Minutes of the March 9, 2015 Regular Meeting and March 23, 2015 Special Meeting of the Shelby County Commissioners' Court.
  2)  Pay monthly expenses.
  3)  Officers' Reports.
  4)  Rental of old Elementary School gym to Denetra Slaughter and Celia Aguilar for one year. Move forward with lease at $300 a month 60 day termination clause. Lease will go into effect pending Gary Rholes, County Attorney, rewriting liability clause. Rent due 5th of each month.
  5)  Resolutions for the 2016 TxDOT Bridge construction project. Each approved individually as follows: a. CR 3564 Hilliard Creek; b. CR 3455 Spinney Creek; c. CR 3455 Shoat Creek; d. CR 4256 Tributary of Flat Fork Creek; e. CR 4916 Flat Fork Creek; f. CR 4670 McFaddin Creek.
  6)  Change date of the May Special Commissioners’ Court meeting from Monday, May 25th to Tuesday, May 26th due to the Memorial Day holiday.
  7)  Adjournment.

Agenda items tabled during the meeting include:

  1)  Resuming the maintenance on a portion of CR 4670.