Community Caregivers Support Group Questionnaire

November 2, 2018 - On October 23rd a Community Caregivers Support Group was started and is seeking input from caregivers in the area. The group is wanting to put together a variety of lunch and learn programs which will provide information beneficial to those providing care for loved ones. The focus is adult care-giving and helping with challenges caregivers face.

If you are a caregiver, please fill out the following questionnaire form and fax it to (936) 598-6405 or email it to

Join us and share your Experience as a Caregiver as we Unite and Advocate for the Health and Well-being of our Community.

The meeting are facilitated by Focused Care of Center, 501 Timpson St. Center, TX 75935 (936) 598-2483. For more information please call Hollie or A’Leena at (936) 598-2483.