Community Helpers visit F.L. Moffett

Greg McDonald visited from Center Auto Repair

October 4, 2018 - Katie Dunn's PreK-4 class is studying community helpers this month. Parents and other volunteers from around Center visited F.L. Moffett to share their jobs with the students. They showed off their uniforms and tools and explained what they did each day at work. Mrs. Dunn, teacher aide Holly Nichols, and the kiddos of FLM would like to thank everyone who participated!

Coach Hiram Harrison (a granddad) and coach at CISD

Mr. Judge Burrell (FLM Maintenance)Officer Miller (FLM school police officer)Dr. Danny Paul Windham (Dentist)Coach Hiram Harrison (a granddad) and coach at CISDDr. Mark Jousan (a dad) and vet with Shelby Veterinary AssociatesMr. Tom Bellmyer (soon to be a County Commissioner)