COVID-19 Dashboard Update: May 2021 COVID Numbers, Vaccinations

May 31, 2021 - According to the Texas DSHS Covid-19 Dashboard, there have been 1 new death, 33 new cases, and 35 new recoveries reported during the month of May.

The active cases went from 20 at the end of April down to 17 at the end of May.

May 31st (12:55pm) Numbers: (changes in May)
Total Confirmed Cases - 946 (14 new)
Total Probable Cases - 761 (19 new) 
Total Fatalities - 68 (1 new)
Total Estimated Active Cases - 17
Total Estimated Recovered - 1,622 (35 new)

April 30th (2:50pm) Numbers: (changes since April 1st)
Total Confirmed Cases - 932 (30 new)
Total Probable Cases - 742 (44 new)
Total Fatalities - 67 (1 new)
Active Cases - 20
Total Estimated Recovered - 1,587 (138 new)

From April 26 through May 30, Shelby County has administered 1,144 vaccinations. The total number of vaccinations administered to persons living in Shelby County is 9,794 as of May 30, 2021. Doses Administered are doses providers have entered into ImmTrac2, the Texas Immunization Registry, by recipient county of residence.

The county has an estimated population of 20,862 of people 12 years of age and older.

Additional Vaccination Numbers:

One Dose Vaccinated Graph Above

One Dose Vaccinated
Number of People Vaccinated with at least One Dose: 5,802
Percentage of Population 12+ Vaccinated with At Least One Dose: 27.81%
Percentage of Population 65+ Vaccinated with At Least One Dose: 56.42%

Fully Vaccinated Graph Above

Fully Vaccinated
Number of People Fully Vaccinated: 4,760
Percentage of Population 12+ Fully Vaccinated: 22.82%
Percentage of Population 65+ Fully Vaccinated: 48.85%

Due to a sufficient supply of vaccines, DSHS is no longer making vaccine allocations. Enrolled providers may order doses as needed.