Covid-19 Update: Active Cases Now 158; Over 100 New in 2021

January 12, 2021 - The Texas COVID-19 Dashboard added a total of 13 new cases of COVID-19 for a new active case count of 158. Of the new cases, 7 were confirmed cases and 6 were probable cases.

It was just six days ago, Janaury 7th, when the active case count exceeded 100. The year 2020 ended with 55 active cases and since January 1st the cases have nearly tripled with over 100 new cases in the new year. The largest single day increase was on January 3rd with 18 new cases followed by January 6th with 16 new cases. Today and January 10th are tied for third highest with 13 new cases each.

Once again no new recoveries were reported to help offset the growing number of active cases.

January 12th (3:55pm) Numbers:
Total Confirmed Cases - 732 (7 new cases)
Total Probable Cases - 444 (6 new cases)
Total Fatalities - 41
Total Estimated Active Cases - 158
Total Estimated Recovered - 977