David's Daily Devotion for August 3

August 3, 2022 - Good Morning! It’s Wednesday, August 3.

Today’s the birthday of a famous senior citizen. Quarterback Tom Brady turns 45 today. We don’t usually think of 45 as old, but for a pro football player, it’s practically ancient! And, when the first game kicks off right after Labor Day, Brady will once again be behind center. And after 10 Super Bowl appearances, no one would be that surprised if he ended up in the Big Game once again.

History is full of people who achieved great things late in life. Ray Kroc started McDonalds in his fifties. Colonel Sanders was 65 when he franchised KFC. And Grandma Moses, whose paintings hang in museums around the world, didn’t paint her first one until she was 78. Speaking of Moses, he was over 80 when he brought the Ten Commandments down from the mountain. Noah was over 500 when he began building the ark. And the Apostle John was in his 90's when he wrote what is, perhaps, the most famous book of the Bible - Revelation.

I'm thankful for the strong percentage of our Daily Devotion readers that are under 40. But the majority of our readership is - how shall I put it - of a mature station in life. Take heart! God has a plan. God has a purpose. And God wants to bless you and make you a blessing.

Psalm 92:12 - The godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.

Meet you back here tomorrow,
Bro. David