David's Daily Devotion for June 2

June 2, 2023 - Good Morning! It's Friday, June 2.

You're familiar, I'm sure, with the statement, "It takes a village to raise a child". Well, I believe that this statement is also true, "It takes a church to raise a child". In Proverbs 22:16, we find this statement, "Start children off on the way that they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it".

My church, like most churches, invests a great deal of time, effort, money, and prayer toward the training of children. This includes Sunday School classes, choir programs, midweek Bible studies, summer camps, and on and on. But if we wanted to boil children's ministry down to its essence, if we wanted to define it in a nutshell, we'd talk about a five-day event that occurs each summer. We would talk about Vacation Bible School.

Those five days, for First Baptist Center, begin next Monday. Each day, from 9 till noon, our church will be filled with kids, preschool through 5th grade. Their mornings will be filled with music, scripture memorization, missions, crafts, recreation, snacks, and lots of fun! We pray, as a church, that VBS will make a difference in their young lives, and in their young families. And we lift those same prayers for churches and Vacation Bible Schools around the world. 

Next week, in keeping with the middle word of VBS, I will fill these daily devotions with some of my favorite Bible verses. Maybe some will be among your favorites. I hope each verse will speak to you. I will offer no commentary. I'll just let the Bible speak for itself - during Vacation Bible School!

Meet you back here on Monday,
Bro. David