David's Daily Devotion for March 16

March 16, 2023 - Good Morning! It’s Thursday, March 16.

We continue today with a short series about desperate people who encountered Jesus. In both Luke and Mark we encounter a paralyzed man with four very good friends.

"Jesus went back to Capernaum. And when the people heard that he was home, they gathered in such large numbers that there was no more room, not even outside the door, as Jesus spoke the word to them. Then a paralytic was brought to Him, carried by four men. Since they were unable to get to Jesus through the crowd, they uncovered the roof, made an opening, and lowered the paralytic on his mat. When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic, Son, your sins are forgiven."

Later this morning I'll be sharing this story with the children in our church's day care. It was always one of my favorites as a child. And it reminds us of two things. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. And when you're desperate - good friends can be a blessing!

Meet you back here tomorrow,
Bro. David