David's Daily Devotion for May 20

May 20, 2022 - Good Morning! It's Friday, May 20.

This Sunday, in our Broadcast Sunday School Class, I'll be teaching from Matthew 24:42 - "Be alert! For you do not know when your LORD is coming." That's Jesus talking, to His disciples and to us, about the end of the world, and His second coming. But I don't want to talk about the end of the world this morning. I want to talk about that word "LORD."

Jewish people, for thousands of years, have had the practice of never speaking the name of God out loud when they're reading the Old Testament. So, when they come to that name - "Yahweh" - they substitute the Hebrew word for Lord - "Adonai." When the Old Testament was translated into Greek, 300 years before Bethlehem, this same substitution process was used (the Greek word "kyrios"). And when the New Testament was written, in Greek, the same practice was followed. And centuries later, when the Bible was translated into English... well, you get the picture.

So, when you see LORD in the Bible - think "Yahweh," think "God." And so there in Matthew 24:42, that's Jesus reminding His disciples, and us, that He and the Father are One. That He is truly God. That He is LORD!

Meet you back here tomorrow,
Bro. David