Derek Barbee Announces for Sheriff Candidacy

October 8, 2019 - Vision, direction, goals, and ability are essential for prosperity of a successful Sheriff’s Department. The men and women of law enforcement are regularly called into chaotic circumstances and are expected to knowledgeably handle all types of situations within the limits of the law while ensuring the safety of everyone. Examples of these calls include but are not limited to domestic issues, traffic accidents, victims of drug addiction, drugs dealers, escaped livestock, and civil issues with the expectation of the people for justice to be served. Each and every crime has to be addressed with the greatest amount of professionalism, integrity and ability. The laws set forth by the Great State of Texas must be applied equally without prejudices or favoritism as to the type of crime or someone’s socioeconomic status.

If elected your Sheriff, my administration will be responsible for setting a new standard of professional performance and will take every opportunity to enhance our knowledge and competency to best serve the people of Shelby County. Our duty to the people as a peace officer is to bring order in a world filled with chaos, confusion, and turmoil. As your Sheriff, we will bring back the respect that the people of Shelby County deserve and the ability to be free from those who would infringe on our basic rights of life, liberty, and justice.

It is equally important that this be a combined effort, not only by all elected officials but with the direct assistance of “We the People” of Shelby County to come together and work towards setting a new standard of what is acceptable. Together we can force criminals to either give up the life of crime or face the people of Shelby County in the court system. With a community partnership, we can create a safer place to raise our families and to grow our businesses.

I make this promise; I will make the Office of Sheriff about purpose and not about the position. I have served the majority of my adult life as a public servant as patrol supervisor for Shelby County for 10 consecutive years, from 2006-2016. Throughout the years, serving the residents of our great county, I have worked with numerous people with a shared expectation of high standard of professionalism and compassion from those whom they call upon during moments of crisis. I very well know the responsibility it takes to safeguard the public’s property, health, freedoms, liberties as well as the laws to hold criminals accountable. As your Sheriff, I will lead with our grass root morals, ethics, and Christian values we so desperately deserve.

My family and I would humbly like to announce my Republican Candidacy for Shelby County Sheriff. My vested interest is in the growth and prosperity of our county, while bringing to the table a desire to set the highest of standards to ensure the people of Shelby County are safe and protected from crime and corruption and to ensure a greater future for our generations to come.