Dragon Football Team Practices Community Skills

Click image to enlarge. Photos submitted by Paola Rangel.

August 12, 2021 - The Shelbyville Dragons Football team's practice on Thursday was an unconventional form of conditioning. Head Coach Jerred Wallace has a broader approach to football which includes practicing community service with the objective of becoming better people because of football.

Coach Wallace explained the reason for the community service project, "A little bit of what we did today is a community service project - Dragons give back. We are going to come out and support our community. We want the support from them when we are competing in our events. We just want to show our love to the community that we want to be a part and do things that are going to help out in our community."

The team worked together to make Shelbyville look better by collecting an estimated 15 bags of trash from downtown. The coaches state this is a labor they want to continue in the following years as they see this as a part of being part of the community.