Excelsior ISD Announces 3rd Six Weeks Perfect Attendance, A, A/B Honor Roll

February 1, 2021 - Excelsior would like to announce Perfect Attendance for 3rd six weeks

Emily Alvy, Deacon Anthony, Olivia Anthony, Hallie Barbee, Katelyn Bentley, Stephen Bentley, Gracie Gillis, Dylan Hall, Krista Hall, Victoria King, Emily Leach, Jake Lovell, Brian McDonald, Jordin Metcalf, Colton Miles, Jaquelyn Miles, Jaxon Miles, Justin Miles, Marissa Miles, Melanie Miles, Jaxon Nunley, Zachery Stotts, Blake Warren, Devin Warren, Cannon Welch, Jackson Welch, Jakeb Williams,  Brilyn Williams, Jaxon Williams

Excelsior would like to announce A and A/B Honor Roll
“A” Honor Roll
1st grade – Jake Lovell, Codi West, Natalie Whitton
2nd grade – Hallie Barbee, Colton Miles, Cannon Welch
3rd grade – Wyatt Foster, Allen Whitton
6th grade – Mikayla Anderson
7th grade – Emily Alvy, Gracie Gillis, Jaquelyn Miles, Kaycee Vaughn
8th grade – Katelyn Bentley, Victoria King, Brian McDonald, Larkin Sears, Jaxon Williams

“A/B” Honor Roll
1st grade – Deuce Anderson, Jaxon Nunley
2nd grade – Ella Almaraz
3rd grade – Deacon Anthony, Krista Hall
4th grade – Brandon Escobedo, Wyatt Lewis, Justin Miles, Brilyn Williams
5th grade – Hennessy Anderson, Brooklynn Scates, Zachery Stotts
6th grade – Kaleb Bentley, Jocelyn Stewart, Devin Warren, Jackson Welch
7th grade – Emily Leach
8th grade – Stephen Bentley