Excelsior ISD Halloween Costume Contest Results

October 25, 2019 - (Album) - Excelsior ISD held their annual Halloween Carnival October 19, 2019 in the school gymnasium.

The Halloween Costume contest was held in the school library and several age groups were judged.

After the contest, the winners were announced and awarded back in the gymnasium.

The award winners are as follows:

Ages 0-2
1st place: Emory Mines
2nd place: Shawn Adkinson
3rd place: Korby Sigler

Ages 3-5
1st place: Emory Thorton
2nd place: Jaxon Nunley
3rd place: Lex Warr

Ages 6-10
1st place: Wyatt Foster
2nd place: Ailea Bircham
3rd place: Ariana Rose

Ages 11-15
1st place: Gracie Gillis
2nd place: Karle Menefee
3rd place: Emily Leach

Ages 16-Adult
1st place: Keaton Burns

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