Family Member of WWI Veteran Hulon Oates Shares Photos, History

August 9, 2019 - Shelby County Today recently received an email from Steve Garrett about his great-grandfather's brother, Hulon Oates. His great-grandfather was Robert "Bob" Henry Oates. Garrett had read an article by Larry Hume - 'Every Veteran Has a Story: Stephen Oates' and he shared some old family photos he had of his great-great-uncle Hulon as well as some history.

"Hulon married Hester Hughes and after her death he was drafted into the army. Believe Jim Odom was James Martin Odom who was also a WW I veteran and buried in Old Home cemetery. He was the brother of Leida Odom Oates who was married to Charlie Oates, brother to Hulon and my great-grandpa Bob Oates. Charlie and Leida are buried in the King-Oates cemetery which used to be known as Oates at Day School cemetery. Believe Jimmy and Joe Bailey Oates were the last burials in the cemetery. Reecie Stanley, now deceased, spearheaded cleaning up the cemetery and researching for a Texas State historical marker, renaming the cemetery King-Oates. Stephen Henry Oates, my great-great-grandfather and his two wives are buried there also, Amanda King and Margaret Pierson."

From left: unknown soldier and Hulon Oates

Hulon Oates

From left: Hulon Oates and Jim Odom