Foster Seeks Election as Precinct 4 Commissioner

February 16, 2018 - My name is Kevin Foster and I am a Republican Candidate for Shelby County Commissioner Precinct 4.

I am a Shelby County native. I grew up in Tennessee community, where I continue to reside with my wife and family. Having grown up in this area, I am familiar with the roads as well as my neighbors that live on them. I am proud to be from this area, and that is because of the kind of people that live here. 

In 1998, almost 20 years ago, I went into business for myself as an owner/operator. During that time, I have hauled rock and gravel to many of the people in our community. As I was doing so, I had many people ask my opinion on what type of material would be best suited to their needs. Prior to 2002, the suggestion was made that I should run for county commissioner due to my knowledge of the area as well as my understanding of road coverings and technique.

Through the years, I have gotten away from politics. However, as a member of this community, I see the need arise for a change. I still travel these roads. I still have people approach me, detailing their needs. I am inspired to get back to something I love, which is serving my community. This precinct is in need of a pugmill, and some of these roads require asphalt. 

I am aware of the responsibility of the position of county commissioner. I know the time required, the phone calls, and the work ahead. I am prepared to meet that responsibility head on. Education is important, but experience and drive are key. Good support comprised of hands who are willing and able to work are vital. I believe I have what it takes to do this job right.

My name is not unfamiliar to many of you. I am your neighbor. You know my work ethic. I have never depended on a hand out, and I have always extended mine to anyone in need. If you feel that change is needed, Be sure to vote in the upcoming election on March 6th. God bless.

Kevin Foster