Friends of Georgia Honors Baby Lou Gardner Who Expresses Thankfulness

September 4, 2019 - The Friends of Georgia, a group of traveling friends of Baby Lou Gardner, presented her with a framed collage of photos from past trips together during a meeting on Saturday, August 31, 2019. Baby Lou Gardner expressed her thankfulness for her friends and their travels they have had together. She also expresses her sincere appreciation from the bottom of her heart to her traveling friends for their touching and very thoughtful gift!

The collage included the following words:

"We are so happy you came into our fold, Traveling with "Friends of Georgia" along the road. We love, admire and appreciate you so much; We thought we'd let you know with a small sincere touch!
"These are the blessings we speak in your life, With all sincerity and bundles of love; From the top of your head to the bottom of your soles, May you be showered with glorious blessings from above!
"We wish you peace, happiness and sunshine, With little to no rain and minimal storms in this time! We pray countless loved ones will always surround you Whenever any pain may come or you get in a bind!
"But most of all, our dear Friend, May our Heavenly Father that sits high and above Protect, guide and engulf you with His abundant and endless love!"