Haircuts for Boys Continue Center Elementary Programs Encouraging Self Esteem

December 15, 2017 - Rodrick Gardner (CHS '95) and Eddie Salazar (CHS '09) from Estex Fadz of Center partnered with Jeremy Lacy from Royalty Cutz in San Augustine and Center Elementary Counselor Joyce Jackson to provide free haircuts for boys at Center Elementary on December 14, 2017.

"We met on the internet, and he asked me if I'd like to be a part of this." Lacy said. "Every time he does something for the kids, he gives me a call, and when I do something I give him a call."

The two businesses have partnered for several events, including on Father's Day, and will return to Center Elementary in March. The barbers let the students choose their new look, spoke encouraging words to the boys, and provided each child with a boost of self-esteem.

"They leave here feeling good," Gardner said. "Like that little guy that just left here. That kid is going to make all A's today."

Jackson also hosts a nail shop on Fridays for girls.

"We talk about being divas and queens," Jackson said. "I pull those girls that walk with their heads down; they don't smile a lot. They need to know that they're important. [I tell them] 'You are one of a kind. You are original. There is no one else like you.'

"Kids pick out certain things and try to make others feel bad about it. [These programs are] designed to get those little negative things pushed out of their mind now. I have to really get them built up now so they are prepared [and can later say] 'Ms. Jackson said I'm a queen. I'm a princess'."

Parental permission is obtained prior to participation.