Happy Birthday Mike Adkison (Pd Adv)

October 27, 2017 - One would be hard pressed to find anyone more dedicated to the good of this community than two people who have literally helped in raising our children and our children’s children. For 40 plus years Mike and Nita have provided a wholesome, healthy and nurturing atmosphere to this community for families.

Mike, with his eye for detail, has taken what is an eye sore in most communities of similar size and made it something we are all proud of. The Rio theatre has hosted acts like Percy Sledge, Billy Jo Royal, and many local pageants along with great movies in a pristine environment, taking us all back to a simpler time and leaving our problems behind, even if for only a few hours. Our children are allowed to experience what we were able to at the same age, in today’s society where else can this be found?

They often run movies for school children, attended by schools in and out of Shelby County, religious and faith based films for this community and its churches. On many occasions I have witnessed them staying until the last parent has picked up a child to ensure their safety. We as a community never worried when our kids were at the show or if we were a few minutes late in picking them up... We knew they were cared for beyond what any of us would have expected.

The Rio is a reflection of the owners, walk in, look around when the lights are on, what you see is a “one of a kind” you will not see again nor can you see anywhere else.

The square in Center is still a viable and active gathering place for many events and local commerce. The Rio, along with our historic court house, leaves any visitor with that sense of something rarely seen and unforgettable.

I could go on and on about Mike but if you ask around you will hear what I have said echoed throughout this community. Happy Birthday Mr. Mike, thank you for making Shelby County your home and making us a little prouder of where we all call home. 

Steve and Kim Waters