He’ll be Back by Doug Fincher

I’ll be back…” John 14:3

January 9, 2017 - Last spring I spent several weeks photographing a painted bunting in the Brady Community near Center, Texas. He was a beautiful bird…blue, green, red, yellow…and in time this timid little gem became so comfortable in my presence that he allowed me to photograph him from only ten feet away! The distinguishing white spot on his red breast earned him his name, “Spot”. He raised two clutches of young, molted in August, grew new feathers, and in October returned to Central America to winter.

On this cold December day I drove out to the little sandy road where I’d found him last spring. All the leaves had fallen, the vegetation he’d fed on was dead and the large number of happy birds in love was conspicuously missing. But next spring when the seedy patches of rumex grass reappear along the sand hill roadsides, the air will awake again with the singing of these sweet avians …and Spot will be back!

Two thousand cold winters and hot summers have passed since Jesus left his disciples and returned to heaven. Many look at our decaying society and say “where is the promise of his coming”. But at a time when nations are at loggerheads with each other and the world rocks and reels in sin, the Eastern sky will suddenly split open, the trumpet of God will sound… and our hearts will burst with joy…

…and He’ll be back!