Joaquin and Tenaha Schools No Longer on Lockdown

Deputies Derek Barbee and Roy Bailey search the grounds of a house located across the street from Joaquin Elementary School.January 23, 2015 - Shelby County Sheriff's Department reports Joaquin school is no longer on lockdown.

Chief Deputy Shad Sparks reports, "The Joaquin school is officially off lockdown. We are remaining on scene at this time still investigating." The 9-1-1 call came in as a gun was brought on campus, Sparks updated saying, "It was reported that it was (a gun) but after further investigation it was determined that there was no gun involved in the incident."

A message from Scott Tyner, Tenaha ISD Superintendent of Schools, reported:

     At approximately 1:30 PM today (Friday, January 23), I ordered a lockdown of TISD for precautionary measures. While the students and staff of TISD were never in the direct threat of harm’s way, it is my belief that when it comes to threats to student safety that no precautions are extreme. Students were only in lockdown for a short period of time and at approximately 2:00 PM the order to “stand down” was given and regular class activities resumed. Again, no direct threat to TISD was ever imminent as the alleged incident was occurring in a neighboring community. However, it was the decision of the TISD Administration to err on the side of caution until law enforcement officials were able to confirm that Tenaha did not appear to face any imminent or perceived threat. Thank you once again for your trust in us to care for your most precious gift.