Joaquin Elementary Students of the Month for September

September 2, 2016 - Joaquin Elementary Students of the Month for September


Pre-K Student of the Month
Dustin Hodney

Dustin likes to ride in a car and play with his race cars. He also likes his trucks. He stated that was all that he liked to do. Dustin always listens in class. He likes to help his friends and his teacher! 

AlexKindergarten Student of the Month
Alex Whitton

Alex likes to play outside, ride his bike, and play in the mud! When Alex grows up he wants to be a wood-chopper! Alex was nominated because he is kind, he is a good friend to all of his classmates, and he always does his very best!

Sevana1st Grade Student of the Month
Sevana Stotts

She likes crossword puzzles and to do gymnastics. Her favorite TV show is Kasey Under Cover and loves the song Jesus Take the Wheel. Her favorite subject is Writing! She is always on task and very helpful to others. She helps keep her friends in line as well as her teacher. She is a great helper.

Zoey2nd Grade Student of the Month
Zoey Wright

Zoey likes to ride horses, play hop scotch, and play with dogs! Her favorite subject in school is Science. She enjoys watching soccer. Zoey loves eating Ramen Noodles and drinking Dr. Pepper. Zoey was nominated because she is very kind and a great helper!

Kinsey3rd Grade Student of the Month
Kinsey Bryant

Kinsey likes to go places with her family. She also loves going to swim at the beach. Her favorite subject in school is Writing. Her favorite color is light blue and turquoise. Kinsey is very well-mannered and kind to everyone.

Gage4th Grade Student of the Month
Gage Cash

The fourth grade teachers have chosen Gage Cash as their September Student of the Month. Gage was selected for this award because he is an all-around outstanding student. He not only works hard on his school work, but participates in class. He readily helps those around him, and always has a positive attitude. Gage is 9 years old and the son of Sheena and Michael Cash. His favorite sport is baseball. He loves to eat sloppy joes, and his favorite thing to do is hunt. When asked to give advice to students younger than himself, he said he wants them to "pay attention and do their work."

Jericho5th Grade Student of the Month
Jericho Newman

Jericho wrote the following: My name is Jericho Newman. My favorite sports are basketball and baseball. My favorite subjects are science and math. I enjoy watching football with my grandma. My favorite team is LSU Tigers. I love going fishing with my grandpa. I love to play video games and my favorite game is Destiny. I go to Jackson Baptist Church along with a lot of my other friends like Blaine. This is my sixth year of going to Joaquin Elementary. I am looking forward to many more years at Joaquin Schools.