Joaquin VFD Recent Activity Includes Life Flight for 7-year-old

August 8, 2022 - The opening week of August picked up slightly in call volume for the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department when compared to the past two weeks. Here’s a summary of what transpired. 

Starting with Monday, August 1st, the JVFD was dispatched to a call about a 7-year-old with a puncture wound in their abdomen. Members of the EMR team were able to administer medical attention before Allegiance EMS arrived to transport the patient to the baseball field where a landing zone was set up. 

Next on Thursday, August 4th at around 7:30pm reports came in of a power line down on Highway 84 past Crystal Lake, which resulted in a brush fire. The Joaquin VFD responded with two brush trucks and a tanker truck for added water supply, and fought the fire for the better part of two hours. Once it seemed that the fire was subdued all units cleared the scene.

The Joaquin VFD would be dispatched to the same location two more times on Friday and once on Saturday to put out the fire after it rekindled.
That concludes the report for this week. As always we hope everyone has a great and safe week ahead.