Joaquin VFD Reports Responding to 6 Calls Last Week

June 13, 2022 - Since Monday, June 6th to Sunday, June 12th the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department has responded to 6 calls. Here is a brief rundown of all that transpired.

On Monday, June 6th there were 2 calls starting at 2:28pm with a traffic accident at the intersection of FM 139 and Hwy 7. The Joaquin VFD arrived on the scene to provide traffic control until the wreck could be removed from the roadway. No major injuries were reported. The second call on Monday came in at 3:59pm in regards to an elderly person experiencing severe pain at a residence on CR 3421. JVFD EMRs responded to secure the patient until Allegiance EMS arrived.

Thursday, June 9th also saw 2 calls, the first at 9:48am in regards to a DOA at a residence on CR 3689, and the second came in at 2:51pm for a person having chest pain at a residence on CR 3790.

Saturday, June 11th saw 2 calls as well, the first starting early at 7:02am for a person having trouble breathing at the apartments in downtown Joaquin. The last call came in at 9:16am for a silo smoking on CR 3620. Upon arriving on the scene the “silo” was discovered to be part of the old hatchery building located near the railroad bridge crossing the Sabine River. The smoke was coming from within the vacant hatchery and not from the building itself, and the Joaquin VFD extinguished the fire that had been lit inside.

That concludes the rundown of the most recent calls, so until next time the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department hopes everyone stays safe and has a great week.