Joaquin VFD Reports of Structure Fire, Medical Response Calls

May 31, 2022 - Looking back over the past week, here is a breakdown of the calls the Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department responded to.

Starting on Monday May 24th a call came in about a building behind a house on fire on FM 139. Upon arriving on the scene the JVFD found a small shed fully engulfed in flames. Assisted by a few members of DeSoto Fire District #1 the Joaquin VFD took the shed down and extinguished the fire. Just as the scene was set to be cleared, the homeowner came out of the house and declared that the back room was on fire. The firetrucks that had left returned to the scene and the JVFD and DFD1 made short work of any flames found in the back room, preventing any spread to the rest of the house.

Next in the early hours of Thursday May 27th, members of the JVFD EMR team responded to a call off of Highway 84 East of someone having severe abdominal pain.

On Friday May 28th, there was a call about a portable building on fire on CR 3315. Much like the fire on Monday, the small size of the building made it much easier for the fire to spread and not much of anything was able to be saved.

Lastly on Saturday May 28th, another call came in for the JVFD medical team, this time in the form of a lift assist on FM 699.

That concludes the calls for the past week. The Joaquin Volunteer Fire Department hopes everyone had a great Memorial Day and week going forward.