Keeping Our Batteries Charged By Doug Fincher

May 16, 2016 -…for you shall receive power…”  Acts 1:8

We recently sent our son Mark a professional digital camera for his early Christmas present.  Since he isn’t a photographer, he has spent a lot to time learning how to use it.  He called one day and said that when he tried to take a shot, an “error” warning kept popping up. 

He thought he’d taken some beautiful wildlife pictures one day, but when he tried to view them, his card had no images on it.  He read the troubleshooting section of the camera’s manual, but still couldn’t find his problem. Just before concluding that it was the camera’s fault, he decided to replace the batteries and… (!)… it began working perfectly!  I should’ve told Mark that checking the batteries should always be his first step in troubleshooting. 

We Christians don’t function properly on low batteries either.    Spiritual energy from God comes through prayer, Bible study, and dedication to His will. It’s foolish to blame God for our spiritual problems when we’re trying to run on dead batteries. God has the power to keep us charged…

…but plugging into it is up to us.