Kimbro Wins 2021 Broiler Show; Sale Set for Tonight

October 9, 2021 - Ally Kimbro, Timpson FFA, was the top poultry exhibitor at the 45th Annual East Texas Poultry Festival Broiler Show October 9, 2021.

There were 69 participants in the poultry show this year, and the event was held at the Jim Booth Expo Center. 

Micah Osborn was the Texas A&M judge of the event, and he had a tough job determining the top birds out of the entire group of entries. 

Arriving in second was Addison Lloyd, Shelbyville FFA, and third was Madilyn Dior Polley, Shelby County 4-H.

The Broiler Show Auction will be held Saturday, October 9, 2021, under the big tent on the Frances Oates Stage.