Largest Watermelon Weigh-in Totals Over 2,200 Lbs in Melons

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July 11, 2019 (Album) - Twenty-three watermelons made it to the largest watermelon contest at the 2019 What-A-Melon Festival for cumulative weight of 2,206.5 lbs. Eleven of the entries weighed more than 100 lbs this year for a cumulative weight of 2,206.5 lbs which was moved to the scales by Center High School athletes who volunteered to help.

The largest watermelon tipped the scales at 132 lbs! The winning melon was grown by Olivia Johnson who has won the 1st place title and the grand prize money seven years previous. She had a spree of five years in a row, 2009-2013. She regained 1st place title in 2017 and has made it a winning streak by winning in 2018 and now 2019.

Below are the full results of the watermelon weigh-in:

1st place - 132 lbs, Olivia Johnson 
2nd place - 126 lbs, Rex Rains
3rd place - 125 lbs, Whitley Johnson
4th place - 123.5 lbs, Jenny Johnson
5th place - 120 lbs, Lynn Johnson
6th place - 119.5 lbs, Shelby Johnson
7th place - 112 lbs, Jaleigh Johnson
8th place - 111 lbs, Renee Johnson
9th place - 102.5 lbs, Hope Kruebbe
10th place - 101 lbs, Garry Crawford