Letter to Center ISD Parents Regarding Social Media Challenge

September 20, 2021 - To the Parents and Students of Center ISD:

I hope this message finds you well. Recently, there has been a social media challenge on Tik Tok called the “Devious Lick Challenge”. It sounds innocent enough from the name, but it is far from innocent. In this challenge, students are trying to see what they can steal from teachers or the school, and/or see what they can get by vandalizing at school. Unfortunately, we have had these things happen at Center ISD. Some of the items that have been stolen were personal items of some of our employees, others were property of Center ISD. We have also experienced vandalism on our school property. Some of the items stolen or vandalized were property of Center ISD, and had significant value. Other items were personal items of teachers that either had monetary value or maybe sentimental value. Either way, it is wrong for one person to steal or damage the property of another.

Please understand, Center ISD will call this “challenge” what it is, theft and vandalism. Center ISD will not count this as a joke or that a student “was just playing around”. We will punish students to the fullest extent possible. Therefore, any student found to be involved in these situations could face In School Suspension, Out of School Suspension, a Disciplinary Alternative School Placement and possible criminal charges based on the amount of property damage to the school or the value of what has been stolen.

Parents, we implore you to visit with your children about the seriousness of these types of behaviors. Center Independent School District will not tolerate this type of behavior. Explain to them that this is wrong. Today’s society is trying to teach our children that taking things that are not theirs is okay, and that tearing up something that does not belong to you is appropriate behavior. This is not the case, regardless of what you see or hear from social media. Please, please have these conversations with your children.

An added note, with the current pandemic, teaching is harder on teachers than ever before. We do not need students coming in to school intentionally making life harder on teachers.

Dr. Brian Morris Superintendent Center ISD