Letter to the Editor: Tribute to Prentice Hendricks

September 14, 2020 - Shelby County’s Community of Huxley honored a strong community advocate on Saturday September 12, 2020 with a graveside service for Prentice Hendricks. This man lived in the community all 78-plus years of his life.

Individuals that knew Prentice and that were honored to call him Friend knew of his integrity. Prentice was loyal to God, his family, his community and the City of Huxley. He served many years on the Huxley City Council and as Mayor Pro-Tem. Prentice was involved with directing the personnel there and the growth of municipal services of water and natural gas. The natural gas system of the City of Huxley spans over 200 miles with 4 compression gates across 3 counties providing natural gas service to many residential and commercial customers. It is one of the larger municipal natural gas systems in the State of Texas.

Prentice was a Christian and involved with his church. Until he experienced health issues, he visited individuals on a weekly basis. He had a big heart and truly cared for others.
Prentice and his loving wife, Thelma, raised two good men, Ron and Craig Hendricks. Because of the strong basis provided they are both successful individuals and serve their community as strong Christian men. 

Prentice also raised cattle and until recent years he was at the Center Livestock Auction on a weekly basis. 

Prentice was the type of man that his word was his bond. He looked an individual in the eye and provided him a firm handshake when greeting them or conducting business. He was a straight forward and honest man. 

I was one of the fortunate individuals to call him Friend. Myself and many others will truly miss Prentice for his smile, conversation, and guidance as there is now a void in our heart. 
God said on September 10, 2020 “I am ready for Prentice. Your time on earth is done as I need you here in my heavenly kingdom. It is time for you to come home and receive your rewards.”

Prentice will be missed but will not be forgotten as he made a strong impact on my life and the lives of many others.

God Bless the Hendricks family.

Gerald Huddleston
Retired City Director
City of Huxley