Mitchell Signs with LSU Pilots

Jacob Mitchell (middle) is seen at his letter of intent signing with Coach Al Cantwell (left) and Assistant Coach Brent Lavallee (right).January 13, 2015 - Center Roughrider Jacob Mitchell signed his letter of intent with LSU Shreveport to play with the Pilots. The ceremony was held in the Center High School library on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 with a large number of supporters in attendance including family, friends, school staff and Mitchell's teammates.

Following the signing, Pilots Coach Al Cantwell addressed the Roughrider baseball team and shared his excitement about Mitchell joining them, "We're obviously very excited to have this young man and I know you guys have got an exciting year coming up, I just want to wish you luck and thank you for sharing him. Make sure you keep us in touch, make sure you keep him in line. We look forward to getting him on campus and getting him in the weight room, show him around and I just want to thank the Mitchell family for joining our family."

He continued by stating they look forward to following the other Roughrider players and hopefully coming back to sign one of them in the future.

Mitchell shared his enthusiasm about signing and said he's just looking for his chance to play, "This is probably the most excited I've been in a really long time," said Mitchell.

Coach Cantwell shared some of the reasons Mitchell caught there attention, "We're excited, we got him up on our Futures Day, he was hands down the best arm in the building and we were the first ones to kind of get on him and got him on campus and had a good visit," said Coach Cantwell.

During the signing Mitchell posed with coaching staff from LSU, his family and the Center Roughrider team.