NDemand, Inc. Announces Expansion, Upgrades in Shelby County, TX (Pd Adv)

NDemand Inc., a leading provider of quality Internet and Technology services since 2001 has announced completion of the LTE upgrades on their Center and McSwain Hill Towers in Shelby County, Texas. In addition, NDemand, Inc. is also pleased to announce that they have completed the construction of their Campti/Sardis Tower and the expansion into the Patroon and East Hamilton Communities. The company’s new LTE equipment brings greater service offerings, greater reach, and faster performance than preexisting technologies – ALL without DATA Caps, throttling, or tokens needed. This service is great for online gaming, video streaming, and cordcutting!

January 6, 2020 – NDemand Inc. (PRWEB) today announces upgrades and expansion of their HighSpeed LTE Internet service in Shelby County, Texas.

NDemand HighSpeed LTE Internet Service is now available in Center, McSwain Hill, Campti, Sardis, Patroon, East Hamilton, and some areas of Shelbyville in Shelby County, Texas. NDemand’s HighSpeed Internet Service uses the latest licensed, fixed, outdoor wireless LTE technology to deliver truly amazing speeds and quality that makes the latest technologies available to almost everyone.*

“The new towers and LTE equipment further expand NDemand’s footprint in the area and brings greater service offerings to our Customers, who are needing more bandwidth than ever for online gaming, video streaming, social media, and automation devices,” stated Brian Doyle, President of NDemand, Inc.

“We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all our members,” stated Bryan Angelo, Customer Relations Specialist, “and we hope to be a big part in helping dissolve the digital divide for all residents of Texas.”

NDemand’s service does not require satellite, phone, cellular, or cable services. NDemand does not charge overage fees or have usage limits so you can use their service as much as you want without having to worry about download allowances and surprise charges (like satellite and cell phones data plans).

Best of all NDemand’s HighSpeed Internet Service is affordable with plans starting as low as $59.99 per month, with additional promotions on installation. “We have worked long and hard to deliver HighSpeed Internet to those who have been under served for so long.” said Brian Doyle President of NDemand.

About NDemand, Inc.:
NDemand, Inc. is a privately held corporation providing quality Internet and Technology Services to Texas since 2001. The Company was founded by Brian Doyle, a former resident of East Texas and a graduate of San Augustine High School

* Wireless Internet Connection requires a compatible device and plan. Availability and speed of NDemand Inc.’s Wireless Internet Service is limited and may not be available in your area. NDemand, Inc. disclaims any obligation to update or revise statements contained in this news release based on new information or otherwise.